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2016 Winter SWL Fest Program

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Friday, February 19, 2016


0845 – Forum 1 – Part 15 BroadcastingAnthony Messina and Rob Femly

Creating a radio station has always been a professional (not to mention expensive) endeavor that thousands of people have done for dozens of years now. The average guy setting up a legal radio station without breaking his bank account has been thought of as almost impossible. Messina and Femly, who chairs the Association of Low Power Broadcasters, explain in detail what Part 15 broadcasting is and how much fun it can be.


1000 – Forum 2 — Pirate Radio Year in Review George Zeller

George moderates our traditional review of the year in pirate radio, including the announcement of the 2016 inductees in the North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.


1115 – Forum 3 — Why We Still Believe in ShortwavePaul Ladd

World Christian Broadcasting, which has operated station KNLS in Alaska for more than 30 years, will begin broadcasting from Madagascar World Voice in the spring of 2016. Senior Correspondent Paul Ladd will talk about why WCB is committed to shortwave radio.


1215 to 1345 – Lunch on your own.


1345 – Forum 4 — Longwave Beacons: The Perfect DX TargetKevin Carey

Why longwave beacons make an ideal focus for DXers, covering the tools and techniques needed for success on the frequencies below 500 kHz. Receivers, antennas, accessories, and newly available software tools will all be explored in the context of growing your “life list” of beacon DX. Discover (or rediscover) the magic of longwave DXing!


1500 – Forum 5 — A 2016 Survey of Shortwave Receivers Thomas Witherspoon

Everything you wanted to know about shortwave radios, but were afraid to ask! From ultralight portables to hybrid SDRs, we’ll take a look at where receiver technology is in 2016 and what innovations await us.


1615 – Forum 6 — The Lows and Highs of the HF SpectrumAlan Roberts/Sheldon Harvey

Strange inhabitants dwell in the 0 to 500 kHz range and the 25 to 30 MHz segments of the HF radio spectrum. Alan Roberts searches out these signals using unique equipment and antennas. Presenting tips on hearing and identifying these signals in an audio/visual presentation.


1715 to 1930 — Dinner on your own.


1830 – Exhibit Room Open for Swap Meet.


1930 – Forum 7 — Kit receivers Old and New Thomas “Skip” Arey N2EI

“Uncle Skip” Arey, ARRL Section Manager for Southern New Jersey will take us through a bit of kit receiver history and bring us up to date with current receiver kits that might be of interest to SWLs and Hams alike.


2045The (Something)th Annual Shortwave Shindig!David Goren

#13, we think? Hey, our Bar Mitzvah year! Join David and friends for a celebration of shortwave sound, history and culture through live performance and archival recordings, with a homebrew “upconversion” to FM for an exclusive segment focusing on the hyperactive New York City pirate radio scene.



Saturday, February 20, 2016


0930 – Forum 8 — Small Loop Antennas for TransmittingJef Eichner

How to design, build and use small loops for tx.  Very little theory will be presented, but you’ll be fine without it.  Also, some new toys and modifications to old toys for show and tell.


1030 to 1630 — Silent Auction


1100 – Forum 9 —Medium Wave: Your Next DX Frontier?  — Brett Saylor

With the continued decline in shortwave broadcasting stations, radio enthusiasts looking for a new listening challenge may want to consider DXing the AM broadcast band where there are over 10,000 stations on the air worldwide. Brett will discuss how your shortwave listening skills and equipment can be applied to medium wave DXing, and provide some tips & techniques to hear and identify both domestic and foreign stations.


1200 to 1330 – Lunch on your own.


1330 – Forum 10 — Scanning with the ScumEric Cottrell

Eric leads the annual group effort. It has been an interesting year with several new scanners from Whistler, a digital receiver from AOR, and a Provoice option from Uniden. Plus there’s SDRPlay.


1500 – Forum 11 — A Dive Into Nostalgia: My Picks for Best Receivers of All Time! – Dan Robinson

Put away those SDRs!….at least for an hour.  Premium radio addict Dan Robinson, whose Watkins Johnsons, JRCs, and East German spy radios have filled the FEST hospitality room, takes a dive into nostalgia in a session focusing on the best performing and best looking receivers of all time!


1730 – Cocktail (Half)hour

1800 – Banquet 

2030 – The Raffle


Registration Table Hours

Friday, February 19 – 0800 to 1100*; 1400 to 1600

Saturday, February 20 – 0900 to 1030

Raffle Ticket Sales – Ongoing.

*Please note that no banquet tickets can be purchased after 1100 Friday.